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Change Is Good. Fast Pace Is Everything.

Posted on: September 12, 2008

Changing technology is changing everything about journalism and who in fact is a journalist. With computers and the Web, it is so much easier for people to be able to get information on their favorite celebrities or news events happening minute by minute.

With the passing of the anniversary Sept. 11, 2001, it is interesting to think how that event may have been covered differently with today’s technology. For me at least, I remember hearing news about the event through television rather than the internet. In today’s world, the television is still a great place for news but for most people its not fast enough. As we mentioned in my class on Tuesday, the Virginia Tech massacre was learned about through the internet and everyone became a reporter. This begs the question, those bloggers who witness events of tragedy or other notable events, and report on them, are they journalists?

This site happens to be the one I visit for my celebrity gossip. I would consider this person to be somewhat of a journalist because he picks up stories and reports the ones that may interest people the most. For certain portions, he even interviews the celebrities. What do you think? Is this person a journalist?


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