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Web Literacy: FUNdamental.

Posted on: November 7, 2008

Reading is FUNdamental. This is what I was taught throughout my educational career. Guess they forgot to mention being Web literate..

Luckily for me, and the other people of my generation, we’ve grown up with the Web. But what about the rest of society? “Web Illiteracy” and “Lower Literacy” is a huge problem facing individuals who weren’t so lucky to have been raised since birth with a computer mouse to play with.

Web illiteracy is more of an issue with people over the age of 65, even former Presidential Candidate John McCain stated in an interview that he was “Web Illiterate.” In today’s day and age, its expected of individuals to have the basic skills, or “lower literacy” when it comes to the Web. There’s even a man selling videos to teach people to use the Web.

Of course, being Web literate is more than just being able to read things on the Web, its about being able to successfully navigate around the Web, as well as be able to analyze media and participate online, but if a Web user has at least a lower literacy level, they are much better off.

So for all of us who were raised learning to read with the Sesame Street gang, and playing Oregon Trail on a floppy disk, consider yourselves lucky to be as Web literate and computer savvy as you are because without the years of growing with the Web, you”d just be another Web illiterate.

Twilight READ Poster

Twilight READ Poster


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