Simple Girl In A Complex Technological World

A Little Info..

This blog is dedicated to the topic of Journalism, Technology & Society for my Introduction to Online Journalism course at Chico State.

As far as a little info about me, my interests are:

Watching Movies. Driving. Music. Late Night Conversations. the Beach. Disneyland. Laughing. Chico. Half-Baked Ice Cream. Photography. Dogs. Paris (The city, not the heiress). Themed Parties. Concerts. Being Random. Road Trips. Roses. Sunglasses. Ipods. Peanut Butter M&Ms. Traveling. Shopping. Seven Jeans. Smiling. Jamba Juice. Target. Compliments. Funfetti Cake. Guitar Hero. Golden Spoon. and Floating In Chico.

Enjoy the Blog!

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